It’s hard for a foul mood to light around here,

no matter the cause:  a personal slight,

feeling poorly, some minor frustration or

irritation that binds my mind from time to time.


How can the joy within not be brought to a brilliant

glow when I start the day by walking the dog

to the cadence of the gong  in Ipswich Bay

or the  sound of the horn at the  Annisquam Light;


when, in summer, at night, I drift off to the

music of the sibilant surf, like a great

white- sound machine that calms my busy

monkey brain when it swings from one thought to

another, from one worry to another.


It’s hard to be morose when a walk on the

beach brings me the ocean’s incense, the

busy shore birds, the breezes  tinged with salt;

when the sun setting on a dune and a tree shaped

by the sea wind has me on my knees in awe.


© Marty Luster 2011