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This tender awaits

the return of its skipper;

like a dog, his master.


© Marty Luster 2012


Solitary Sailor


To make a long voyage in a small boat

was a quest of mine for many years;

spurred by Slocum, Guzzwell, Chichester and Johnson

I planned my trips to Nova Scotia and beyond.


Though some small sailing adventures I’ve had,

I’ve never left the shore very far behind

and never saw a distant shadow on

the horizon become the outline of a new land.


But the image still appeals to me as I

sit on the heights at Stage Fort Park

and listen to the sea as a solitary

sailor makes his voyage across the harbor.


© Marty Luster 2012

Joe The Woodcarver


Seated by Pavillion Beach, Joe carves each

piece with the care and skill and memories

that more than forty years in Gloucester

have instilled in his mind and in his hands.


With his family sitting near him he lays

out large and small sea- horses, whales

and mermaids while chatting with a stranger

about the sculpted wood now emerging .


He talks about his collection of old photos

and the pictures he has taken with the

camera of his eye,  while his knife fashions

from one of those pictures a fearsome white shark.


From eye to mind to hands to knife, Joe

whittles for each a life by the sea; images

of the world around us and beneath us

as we pass a lovely afternoon on Pavillion Beach.


© Marty Luster 2012

Taking Photos on Cape Ann


Like the hummingbird, I flit from one bright spot

to another, sucking  the nectar from deep within.


Like the hummingbird, I appear motionless

just before I take my sustenance from the flower.


Like the hummingbird, I am gone before you see me;

I  leave –  sated with the fullness of my life.


Like the hummingbird, I know my way

and revisit my favorite places.


Like the hummingbird, I am nurtured by

the colors, perfume and sweetness of this garden.


© Marty Luster 2012